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Cjqmxc-n fire resistant bus duct
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Cjqmxc-f fire-resistant bus duct consists of a shell coated with fire retardant coating, a bus wrapped with fire-resistant mica tape and a bracket made of fire-resistant insulating material. A plurality of grooves are arranged on the bracket, and the grooves are embedded into the bus and fixed. At one end of the bus duct is a bus duct connection box, and in the bus duct is a bus tap box. Fire resistant bus duct has excellent insulation performance. It can be used continuously in normal environment and fire environment for more than one hour. It can be used in high-rise buildings and important facilities instead of fire-resistant cables for power transmission and distribution. The insulating material is mica tape with high temperature resistance of 950 ℃; the double-layer metal shell is coated with fireproof coating, and the shell is provided with ventilation holes. When the fire is released, the fireproof material can expand rapidly and cut off the heat source.
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